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"Home" - March 15



"Monsters" - March 20

Roll a Monster!

Scroll to 12:51 in the video to learn how to randomly create your very own monster.  Send your creations to and I'll add them to our gallery!


"Waiting" - March 23

Create a Waiting Crew

Use your W's!

Who are they?

What are they like?

Why are they waiting?

Send a pic of your crew in action to and I'll add your story to our gallery! 


"Seriously Silly" - March 27

Give my book Pictures!

My book with no pictures DEFINITELY needs pictures: draw your favorite part by listening to the story for inspiration! 

Badoongy Face.jpg
Robot Monkey.jpg


"I just wanna Fly" - March 27


Butterfly Template.jpg

BONUS FUN: What other wings and flying things do you find around your house? send me your pictures for our gallery!


How does your garden grow?

Ziploc Seedlings

What you need: a paper towel, water, a yummy fruit or veg, water, and a plastic bag.

1) enjoy your snack, save the seeds ; )

2) make your paper towel wet

3) place the seeds on the towel, then fold it over them so they have their own little pockets of space

4) place it in a plastic bag

5) hang it on a sunny window

6) wait

7) wait some more

8) when your seedlings are ready, plant them in a small pot or empty eggshell

9) watch your plant grow!

Disco Paradise
community dance party and interactive installation (Kulturtage 2017) with artists KP Egan, Rodo Guadarrama, lighting features and design by Paula Galarce (with support from Matí GmBH) and DJ's Lovolution and Dancingburningman
Memory Tree
Storytime / Storycraft Collaboration (Kulturtage 2017)