Cultural Integration

Salon creates an intimate space in which to experience culture, namely, your very own living room. Through shared interests and curiousity, Salon forms newfound micro-communities through fresh ideas and new encounters. 

Events range from lectures, to gastronomic experiences, to readings, workshops or even site-specific performances.  Before, during, and after the event, discussion with the artist – about his or her practice, influences, and inspiration – is strongly encouraged.

Are you culturally curious, or do you have a personal passion for an artform?  Then why not consider becoming a Salon host. Interested?  Then click here.

Envisioning and facilitating formats which, through culture, foster connection, dialogue and exchange between Swiss and non-Swiss communities.

Join us in 2020 for our ongoing Tour de Thalwil series, shining the spotlight on the crazy dreamers, creators, cultural entrepreneurs and makers in Thalwil.

Kulturmama's English Storytime

Kulturmam's English Storytime is a free story corner geared towards the pre-school set (ages 2-5). Each time we explore a theme with little reading, a little singing, and even a little wiggling around. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, Oma's, Opa's and caretakers, welcome!

Currently taking place monthly at the Gemeindebibliothek Rosengarten Thalwil, and bi-monthly through the Family Literacy program in the PBZ Bibliothek in Altstadt (Zürich)


NaturSkulptur is a customisable outdoor activity for all ages, where our surroundings become both the palette and materials for organic works of art.