Diversity Advocacy

enabling understanding

Stereotypes Suck.

I believe that people have the fundamental right to meet their full potential without the boundaries of judgements consciously or subconsciously placed upon them based on their background, gender, age, economic statues, physical ability, personal challenges or country of origin. The work I do as a diversity advocate focuses on highlighting the commonalities between us as humans, attacking discrimination by enabling pathways to personal development.  Celebrating difference and its contributions to a rich, multifaceted whole.

Some selected projects through which I let my diversity advocacy colors fly:

  • Challenges and Resources: Migrants and Expats in the time of Corona
    an survey informal survey exploring the additional challenges faced by migrants in Switzerland during the corona lockdown. Download the official report to learn about our findings - German / English / Appendix: Resources (EN)

  • Cultural Integration Group Thalwil
    an ongoing event and workshop series envisioning formats that foster connection, dialogue and exchange between local Swiss and non-Swiss communities. 


  • Playful Rebellion
    softening resistance around gender stereotypes through playfulness and humor


  • Netzwerk Integrationsförderung (NIF) Thalwil
    a consultative support group for the integration department of the Gemeinde Thalwil.

  • Family Literacy Program
    offering immigrants in Switzerland opportunities to connect with other families in their mother tongue while also supporting their children in language and literacy development. A program of the Swiss Institute of Media for Children and Youth (SIKJM) and Kulturmama event series.

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