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opening perspectives through cultural experiences

(Inter)cultural Events

I believe in the transformative potential of art + performance. Great works have the power to challenge our beliefs and push us to see ourselves and our world differently. As a cultural producer, my goal is to curate unconventional experiences that are as fun as they are thought provoking. Curiosity is all that’s needed.

A shortlist of my favorite cultural projects:

  • Salon
    creating intimate spaces in which micro-communities with shared interests and curiosities have up close and personal cultural experiences.

  • HNC: Agency for the New Contemporary
    a live art/-ists agency offering organizations, institutions and individuals the opportunity to commission and experience performance art outside recognized and institutionalized channels. HNC was developed as a parallel event for Manifesta 11 in Zürich (2016) 

  • NaturSkulptur
    transforming our surroundings into the palette and materials for necessarily impermanent, organic works of art.  

  • The Memory Tree
    a collaborative storytelling installation around memory and loss, co-created with Lemady Rochard (Storycraft)


  • Disco Paradise
    an immersive artistic installation as the setting for an all ages community dance party

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