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helping people help each other


photo © Johanna Muther, Velux Stiftung Daylight Academy Conference 2019

"A facilitator is someone trained in the skill of shaping group dynamics and collective conversations.  My job is to put the right people in a room and help them to collectively think, dream, argue, heat, envision, trust, and connect for a specific larger purpose."   - Priya Parker, The Art of Gathering

As a practiced facilitator, I embrace a creative and compassionate approach to enable people and teams meet their goals. I draw from practices across many disciplines – from performance, to social entrepreneurship thinking, to conflict transformation – in order to support social processes, idea development and decision making.

A selected list of collaborators in my facilitation practice:

  • BEAM Dream Tank 
    creating public actions encourage dialogue about our collective future.

  • NOW Association
    supporting access to meaningful learning opportunities and promoting diversity as a key for our growth and for developing solutions for global and local challenges. 

  • VillageOffice Cooperative
    shaping the work of tomorrow by enabling collaboration between municipalities and their residents to create regional, bespoke coworking and community spaces.

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